Ninety Plus Coffee & Forkly

18 Apr

The concept of coffee was forever altered for those who attended the Ninety Plus coffee sensory tasting at Gather in Denver. Ninety Plus coffee, an Ethiopian inspired micro roaster was founded by Joseph Brodskey in 2006. After expanding into hot markets like south east Asia Ninety Plus has become a global brand.

Forkly-Ninety Plus Coffee Tasting from Forkly App on Vimeo.

The Ninety Plus sensory room is a concept that embraces the idea of creating a story of flavors throughout a four segment pairing. Usually, sensory room is completed with four people, four tables and four coffees. For the purpose of the extended sensory room, it was necessary to expand the are for their tasters. Ninety Plus’ controlled nature, everything from roasting the beans to temperature of water used to brew, allows for beautifully layered coffee.

Tasted in this order:

Belekatu W2- Ethiopia. Accents: ginseng, lemon, green tea, slight orange and ginger.

Juliette H2- Panama. Accents: orange peel, gesha, floral, caramel, dried cashew fruit.

Lycello W2- Lychee. Accents: fresh cashew fruit, gesha floral, lemon.

Nekisse N2- Strawberry, peaches, thick, creamy, jammy, passion fruit finish.



With a total of three sensory sessions throughout the day, Ninety Plus shared their expertise with about 30 Denver natives. Some attendees had high hopes of starting their own roasting companies and were enthused to dig for details about the art behind Ninety Plus’ roasting techniques. A lucky ten Forkly users were given free tickets to the first tasting. To see the photos taken by users, search any of the coffee names under the search menu. Any inquiries about ordering coffee, contact Ninety Plus through:







Introducing Your Forkly Feed on the Web

19 Mar

Today we’re very excited to announce the addition of your Forkly feed to our web experience.  To date we’ve mainly been focused on building a useful iPhone app that allows you to share and discover dishes while out and about.  Although the mobile app is the heart of Forkly, earlier this year we released new venue, profile and food pages.  Starting today you can now browse your Forkly feed on the web as well.

How to browse your Forkly feed on the web:
1) Go to
2) Login and click the Feed navigation item at the top right of the page.
3) Thats it! Start browsing your feed.

Pro tip: We’ve added keyboard shortcuts :  ← previous taste,  next taste →, W to want


You’ll notice your feed on the web is very similar to the feed on your iPhone. You can quickly look through the latest tastes from friends and see what they loved.  Double click items to want them, or click through to see the taste detail page where you can comment and find out more about a given dish.

The new Forkly feed (and the entire Forkly website) has been built responsively to work on an assortment of devices. Browse the feed on your tablet, or simply reduce your browser window to resemble your mobile feed.

We’re excited to bring the Feed feature to you today, and over the next few months look for additions to the web experience.  As always we look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you for being a part of our great food centric community.

Where to Eat & Drink during SXSW: Hangover Cures

11 Mar

Eat the hair of the dog! Not to worry, we’ve all been there…and best thing for you, drink a bunch of water and get some food! Below is a list of top pics for Austin hangover dishes and spots. After some delicious bites–and possibly a bloody mary or mimosa to kill that headache, you’ll be good to go for another day of SXSWi.

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Where to Eat & Drink during SXSW: Signature Austin Drinks

11 Mar

SXSW explorations don’t have to stop at the convention center. There are amazing bars to discover around Austin — look forward to seeing your top drinks from the week but in the meantime, here are some favorite local sips. Find the list in the Forkly Discover feed and add your favorites, too!


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Where to Eat & Drink during SXSW: Caffeine Craze

7 Mar

Nonstop networking, lectures, and meetings doesn’t need to jeopardize your love of a perfect cup of coffee. We’ve compiled a list of some Austinite faves–emphasizing those within walking distance to the convention center, too. Find the list in the Forkly Discover feed or share the blog post with buds visiting Austin! If you know of a hidden coffee joint, don’t forget to post it on Forkly for friends in the area.


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Where to Eat & Drink during SXSW: Forkly Picks

7 Mar

SXSWi is finally here! This means brilliant minds, creative ideas, and don’t forget, Austin’s incredible food scene. Forkly has put together a series of the top rated and most loved tastes around the Austin area–even better, you can find these lists in the new “Discover” part of the app when you’re on the go in Austin.

Forkly Picks

Take a look at our first post below for some local favorites. If you happen to find a hidden gem, don’t forget to share it with Forkly friends. Enjoy your food + tech SXSWi adventures!

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Brand New Discover [Forkly 2.5]!

6 Mar

We’re very excited to introduce the re-designed Discover tab! The new design makes it easy to get recommendations on the go; shows you the best places and dishes nearby based on your tastes; includes a newly designed map view to narrow down search options by dish and venue; and helps hone in on those mealtime cravings! Whatever you can think of, Discover will show you what’s good, what it looks like, what your friends think of it, and where to taste it.

photo (1)

✓New clean, beautiful Discover tab design
✓Ability to see nearby Wants
✓Brand new Discover Map view
✓Improved personalized Discover results
✓Know the best dishes and places with credibility from friends and others
✓Forkly editor curated lists (Top 10 dishes in town, Best Pho in your area, etc…)
✓General app wide bug fixes and UI enhancements

More details on how to make use of the new Discover:

Have a specific craving? Search for things like ‘pho,’ ‘breakfast,’ or ‘bacon burger’ and the dishes nearby will appear.


Want to check out what else you’ve “wanted” nearby, based on the search? Tap “Nearby Wants” and your personalized list will appear.

nearby_wants New

Need to find a great spot to meet for lunch? Try looking through the new map view. You can zoom in on any area, tap “Redo Search in Map Area” and voila! Then tap on “List” if you want to see the nearby restaurants, dishes, and wants.

New NEW button
redo search and list button

We’ve been working hard to make Discover better, inside and out. Let us know what you think!

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Winning Bites for Star Worthy Oscar Parties

22 Feb

We’re looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday! And always a treat to hear the buzz about movies that revolve around food–any favorites on your list? Whether you’re attending an Oscar viewing party at a local restaurant (some of the menus we’ve seen look amazing!) or hosting your own, we’re hoping these bites inspire you to join in on the fun and dine with the stars. Be sure to share your own Oscar bites on Forkly, too!

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Pancake Tuesday: A Sinfully Delicious Mardi Gras Tradition!

12 Feb

Mardi Gras is here and the delicious Shrove Tuesday tradition to indulge in fatty, sugary, and salty treats is celebrated around the world. Countries like France, Sweden, Denmark, and Lithuania eat foods like sweet buns and crêpes. In the United States, we have embraced the pancake as our delicacy of choice, hence the name Pancake Tuesday.

Not only have there been countless years of enjoying fluffy buttermilk cakes, but restaurateurs and adventurous home cooks have expanded the boundaries of pancake-making by using basic (and not-so-basic) batter as their blank canvas. Enjoy some of the most delectable Forkly-ed pancakes and crêpes for some Fat Tuesday inspiration–and while you’re at it, post some of your own for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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Feeling the Love on Forkly: Valentine’s Day Food Inspiration

8 Feb

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Candy hearts, creamy chocolates, and of course, decked out restaurant dinners. So, skip the last minute run to Walgreens or Rite Aid and show your significant other how much you care through the most tasteful expression of all: food.

Here are some of the best #ForklyLove-infused dishes. See if there are restaurants near you presenting these wonderful tastes, or try to make them yourself at home. Share your Valentine’s tastes with the rest of the Forkly community–you know we’ll Love It! In the meantime, some delicious inspiration from your fellow Forkly lovahs:

1. Hearty Cappuccino 

2. Seductive Sushi

3. Crushing Cocktail

 4. Admirable Artichoke 

 5. Romantic Ravioli 

 6. Cherishable Cookies 

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate and Cheers to those who don’t!

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