App Update, Forkly 2.1: New Food Photo Filters, Tastemaker Features, & More

20 Jun

Forkly friends, get excited… the newest version of Forkly is now available to download! Forkly 2.1 includes a series of updates for users and food & drink businesses alike. What’s included?

✓ Photo filters specifically designed for food (candlelit dinners included!)
✓ Photo effects: Tilt-shift and enhance images
✓ Auto-focus and exposure camera controls
✓ Invite friends
✓ Settings: Save photos to albums
✓ Share Tastemaker status on Twitter & Facebook
✓ View places where you’re the Tastemaker
✓ integration: Buy wine you find on Forkly
✓ Improved Featured Users section
✓ Enhancements: User interface & speed

Below are some of the details…

Photo Filters Designed for Food & Drink

With the newly added photo filters and special effects, you can now shoot photos like a pro when dining out—think Instagram, but designed specifically for food, drinks, and those beloved dark, candlelit establishments. Mmmm tasty lookin’ photos.

Get your shots perfect with focus and exposure controls. Tap with two fingers to get the controls, drag them to the desired locations and take the photo. You can also double tap to autofocus.

New Improved Tastemaker features

Our point-loving users (or super competitive users…you know who you are…) should get a kick out of the new and improved Tastemaker features. As most of you know, a Tastemaker is the most influential Forkly user at an establishment (determined by points within the app). With Forkly 2.1, Tastemakers can announce your status through social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook friends, get ready!), see where you’re most influential, and later this summer, you’ll be rewarded with “Tastemaker Perks” too (Patience folks, patience). – Buy wine you find on Forkly directly from your iPhone

Forkly 2.1 also includes the integration of, which allows users to discover wines on Forkly and buy them directly from your phone. How many times have you tried a great wine when dining out–and then tried to remember the name next time you were on the hunt for a good wine? Now you can record the names and buy them as needed. Done and done.

Invite Friends

You can now invite all your friends to join Forkly too, hooray! We’ve had so many requests from users who want to spread the word to family and friends, you can now do so with a few taps within the app. So, share away–and keep us in the loop. You know we love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest (and follow or LIKE us while you’re at it!). And you know we’ll spread the word about fun food-related events you and friends are attending.

Thanks for Spreading the Love!

All of these changes are great for local food & drink businesses too–so thanks for doing your part. The better images look, the more new and repeat customers an establishment will get. The more you compete to become a Tastemaker and invite friends to join, the more word-of-mouth publicity for the restaurants or bars you’re frequenting. The more wine/food pairings posted, the more sommeliers and wineries have to work with–and to teach us all about great new wines (or ones we haven’t tried yet). All in all, everybody wins!

Forkly 2.1 can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store (or just updated on your phone). Enjoy!

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