Featured: Spanish Chef & Restauranteur, Rodrigo De La Calle

27 Apr

CHEF RODRIGO DE LA CALLE (Forkly: @rdelacalle)

If you’re not already following Chef Rodrigo De La Calle on Forkly, start as soon as you can! Owner of the one-Michelin-starred restaurant Rodrigo de la Street in Aranjuez (near Madrid, Spain), he carries perfectionism to the extreme. He’s know for dishes that are perfectly balanced, “Each a little concerto of flavors in which every element retains its own identity, while playing its part in the overall harmony.”

Chef De La Calle emerged in the culinary scene only three years ago, but has already created an entirely new wave of cooking – Gastrobotánica. Specializing in natural food based on the use of uncommon plant species, Chef De La Calle uses them as ingredients in his cooking to create dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Chef De La Calle claims owns the one-Michelin-starred restaurant Rodrigo de la Street in Aranjuez.

For those in or visiting Spain in the month ahead, join Chef De La Calle at any of these culinary events (and post those Forkly tastes too!):

MAY 3-MAY 6: GastroCanarias 2012: May 3-6 in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Spain) where Chef De La Calle will be presenting “Gastrobotanica en Primavera.”

The Canary Islands food festival: Aims to establish itself as a meeting place for professionals and amateurs to the culinary world in all its facets, as well as a forum for exchange of all types of experiences and projects. 

The event was recently featured in New York Magazine, just to tempt those in the US who might want to catch a flight…go for it! More info here.

MAY 9: “Gastronomía del siglo XXI: ¿Hay vida más allá del producto?”Translation: Food of the 21st Century, Is there Life beyond the Product?”A round table discussion with several Spanish top chefs hosted by food critic Andres Sanchez Magro, who proposes a return to the purity of raw materials in the kitchen.

MAY 16: Cocinando con Rodrigo de la CalleTranslation: Cooking with Rodrigo de la CalleA special 3 hour cooking class with the chef at Kitchen Club, Madrid.

Take a look at some of Chef De La Calle’s dishes & Forkly tastes:

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