Forkly Recommended in Seattle Weekly’s “Voracious”

4 Apr

Seattle loves Forkly! Forkly was recommended in yesterday’s Seattle Weekly food blog, Voracious. Food Critic Hanna Raskin assessed the food apps that one of the original apps, Urbanspoon, is working hard to compete with. Her reason and plan for testing the apps:

When the Urbanspoon app debuted in 2008, the concept of smart phone as culinary concierge was brand new; Apple featured Urbanspoon in its promotional materials as an example of the iPhone’s amazing capabilities. Now, Urbanspoon is racing to keep up with the many other free apps promising to connect diners with the best possible meal (or cheapest or nearest, depending on how search filters are set.)

Since I recently made plans for lunch with a friend who’s just started working near Westlake Center, I decided our date would be an interesting test case for the many restaurant-finding apps introduced over the last year. We’d settled on a time, but not a meeting place, so I put it to eight different apps to come up with the perfect venue between our offices. While a few of the apps were mortally daunted by the task, there were a few excellent suggestions in the bunch.

Why Forkly was highly recommended:

Forkly focuses on particular menu items and is driven by user interaction: Frequent contributors can gain influence points for endorsing food and drinks that other diners like.

But for eaters who aren’t planning on playing the Forkly game, the app is still very useful. After setting a location range on a map, users can search for food, breakfast, coffee, wine, drinks, dessert, beer or cocktails. And, unlike many of the other apps, there’s enough information entered here to make every selection viable. Forkly didn’t have any trouble coming up with a place to eat pie near my house (although photo galleries become scanter as searches move further away from downtown.)

For lunch, Forkly steered me to the beef Bourguignon at RN74; crab salad with orange emulsion at ART and maccheroni with roasted tomato and cavolo nero marinara at Il Corvo, a restaurant I didn’t find on any of the other apps.

Thanks, Seattle Weekly! We hope to see more Seattle users as they learn about Forkly. And as always, feel free to be in touch with the team if you have questions about how to use the app or how to spread the word about it to local restaurants.

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