The Forkly Story – We’re hungry, and this time it’s personal

18 Nov

We’ve been working on Forkly for a couple of months now, and thought it was time to lift the veil a little and let you know what Forkly is, and how it came to be.

Whenever Martin and I found ourselves hungry, we were asking ourselves the same old question that millions of others dineaholics face every day: “where/what should we eat?”. Whether in our hometown or traveling, we were continually fatigued by how cumbersome the process of finding just the right place was. The Internet, crowdsourcing and modern smartphones were supposed to make all this easier, right?

Even with all the technical breakthroughs, and some promising attempts at solving this problem, we’re still stuck with sifting through endless reviews and ambiguous 5 star ratings. Critiques by strangers who like different food than we do led us to go to too many restaurants that might be good for others, but weren’t for us. Ultimately we would give up and revert to asking friends or the Twitterverse for recommendations.

Tasty advice from friends is good for the atmosphere, but food tastes are rarely social. Keeping track of how our tastes match those of our Facebook friends didn’t seem like the right answer. Our conclusion: Discovering where to eat great food, right now, based on our tastes, is still really, really hard.

We’re building Forkly to make it ridiculously easy to match your taste buds with the food and restaurants around you. Forkly helps you to quickly capture your opinions about your dining experiences. We then use those opinions to offer personalized restaurant, food and drink recommendations, based on YOUR individual tastes. Forkly can help you discover a new dish around the corner, the best burger in town or your favorite cocktail bar in a new city. Hopefully, we have whet your appetite for more.

We are keenly aware that it all comes down to the details… and the secret sauce. We think you’ll like what we have cooking. Stay tuned :)

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  1. jenny adams September 14, 2012 at 10:21 am #


    I work as a blog correspondent for yahoo travel’s new blog that’s launching this week. The first post is Best Apps for Food Travelers, and I’m featuring Forkly!

    I need some sort of high resolution art to go with each App mentioned and was hoping someone from forkly could send me your logo in high resolution? thanks!

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